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3 May 1986
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i like writing stories and learning about chemicals and playing make believe. maybe i'll mix an elixir and give you superpowers or maybe i'll poison you chlorine gas and then we'll go to the place where everyone is dancing and show them what the apocalypse really is.
a perfect circle, activism, alex grey, anarchy, angelina jolie, ani difranco, animal rights, anti time, art, artisans, audioslave, baking, believing, biology, bjork, boys, buddhism, camping, chemicals, chemistry, culture, dali, dead kennedys, deep conversations, differences, dreaming (day or nite), eccentricity, electronic music, elves, enlightenment, environment, environmentalism, fighting for a cause, finger eleven, flute, fugazi, gattaca, ginger tea, girls, guitar, hallucinogen, hermann hesse, hermits, higher levels of existence, hiking, history, hummus, incense, incubus, independence, infected mushroom, insight, interesting people, intuition, irony, jack kerouac, jim morrison, john frusciante, journalism, kiedis, led zeppelin, life, love, lyrics, magick, marijuana, marley, maynard james keenan, meditation, memoirs, memories, metaphysics, moby, moe., movies, music, mythology, oasis, organic syntheses, orgy, paul oakenfold, paul van dyk, paz lenchantin, perception, philosophy, phish, pink floyd, points of view, progressive psychedelic trance, psychedelic art, psychology, punk music, purity, rainstorms, raves, reading, rebellion, red hot chili peppers, religion, requiem for a dream, rush, shpongle, silverchair, skateboarding, sparkles, spirituality, stars, string cheese incident, sunna, surrealism, tatu, techno, the boondock saints, the doors, the mars volta, the moe.down, the prodigy, the supernatural, thought provoking situations, time, timothy leary, tolkien, tool, tori amos, trance, travel, unity, vegetarianism, veggie burgers, white chocolate, wicca, writing, xc skiing

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