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Nov. 15th, 2015

Hello from the outside....

It's no secret that we're both losing time

Dec. 22nd, 2013

Stone Quarry

Even the poorly maintained art exhibits are an insult, unnecessary against Her backdrop. Man's brutish insistence on making his omnipotence known. Bored, as usual, as if nature's mingling was not interesting enough. A time ago, it was She who was ever present...

Nov. 17th, 2013


If your vision is too vast, your mind can eclipse your sight.

Nov. 2nd, 2013


between what and what?

Oct. 25th, 2013

Mindful leap

It will never be what it was
And what it is remains a mystery
But the prospect of what it will be, is infinite.

Oct. 14th, 2013

The artist and I

But what is writing if not for evidence of thoughts, thoughts that can't be trusted spewing with emotion waiting to betray me. The strength in my writing has always been the raw emotion, the nonlinear irrational thought pattern that has carved me up more times than allow myself to acknowledge. How can I learn to write as a conscious observer? Please let these new lessons allow me to harvest the creativity inside me while at the same time, allow me to harness the ego that destroys. The artist and I cannot coexist. I need to be free.


I believe I understand why I stopped writing for so long. It has been in an effort to keep myself sane, balanced. When I write, I engage all of the thought processes I have been attempting to train myself to keep at bay. I engage the ego, that spiritual parasite that does not care whether I am put away in an institution to "heal." It does not care if I am medicated beyond self-recognition, so long as it has a body and a mind to abuse. I do not know how to welcome my creativity without the savage ness of the ego in tow. Perhaps in this continued pursuit of emotional self discipline, I will find a way.

Oct. 12th, 2013

Unmarked Goods

She's the complete package. A true renaissance woman for your Davinci mind. She's ready for delivery.
I am here flawed and looking at so many loose ends, unfinished business and good intentions...

Hello again, my old friend.

May. 22nd, 2007

A woman's love is wasted when she loves a running gun

So last I heard, he bought himself a Harley and moved on out to Black River. Everytime I'd walk into another bar, my heart would flutter till I looked around and saw he wasn't there. Till I heard the news I'd been crossin my fingers everyday that he'd wander right in to Slickers just to see my face. But now that I know he's gone, I've gotta move outta here. I'm givin up on this place.

May. 21st, 2007

Wassup wassup

Hey y'all,

I'd really love to get a chance to visit all my friends from near and far this summer so please get in touch with me and let me know where you're going to be and maybe we can work something out.

The deal is, I'm moving up to Old Forge to work at Slickers for one last summer. My peeps and I found this sawweeet old trailer for us to live in that is a bit outside of town. I'm actually moving all my shit up there today. So, if you are ever in the area PLEASE get ahold of me or just stop in at Slickers because most likely I will be there (either working or belly up to the bar:)

I'm making my way to Buffalo on May 31st-June 2nd for a free Umphree's Magee show and Sandy's graduation partaay. I'll also be stopping in to Hunter Mountain (which is very near Albany) for the Mountain Jamfest on the 3rd. http://mountainjamfest.com/ If anyone wants in, again- get at me.

For any Hamilton peeps, I'll be attending plenty of Saranac Thursdays in Utica so if you're in Clinton, we'll have to plan a rendez-vous...

As far as contact info- I lost my cell phone a couple weeks ago so that's a dead end. I am planning to get a new one as soon as I can decided on the best plan... When that happens I'll be sure to update everyone on the number. I'll be online a lot more this summer than last because I'm taking an online class. Sooo we'll work it out. Keep in touch mahfuckas!

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